Phat Cat Swinger

& the Wonderful World of Swing



With the power of imagination, the cats put together 90 minutes of original arrangements of magic music. 

Frequent guest performers at the Disneyland Resort, Phat Cat Swinger  has been inspired by the treasure trove of material that is the Disney music library.  With several talented arrangers in the band itself, they whistled a happy tune, and worked hard adapting the rich musical history to the iconic Phat Cat Swinger sound.


What resulted is a show that is perfect to dance to! Swing, cha cha, and mambo across the sky as you, "Wish Upon a Star." Even "Be Prepared" to do a tango, waltz and let loose a "yeehaw!"


Phat Cat Swinger  invites you to "Be Our Guest" to this truly "Bella Notte" you won't want to miss.


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