The Yannone Golden Anniversary - 2011


THANK HEAVEN FOR PHAT CAT SWINGER!!  Our party was PERFECT and your group was a major part of making it happen.  Our guests didn't just say they liked the band, they kept coming up to us and saying "I LOVE THIS BAND!"
As you know, we had guests from 7 years old to 95 and absolutely everybody tapped, swayed, bounced and danced to the music.  The 95 year old DANCED!  No one can sit still when the Phat Cats are playing.  The dance floor was full right up to quitting time.
It is amazing how your music appeals so strongly to everyone.  Our 15 year old grandson Zachary had apparently never heard swing before.  His brother has studied violin for the last 16 years and Zac grew up listening to classical music.  He kept asking "What is this music, I never heard it before?"  He is now out spending his allowance on swing albums so I gave him our copy of the last one you put out.    We need to get a replacement from you.
Although you were in Europe at the time of the party you obviously listened carefully to everything we said and set things up so that it all went exactly as we wanted it to.  Douglas did a fantastic job.  The female vocalist did a wonderful rendition of "At Last" and we all loved her.   The pianist who played during the cocktail hour did an ideal selection.  No detail was left out!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU PHAT CAT SWINGER!!!  You made our Golden Anniversary celebration SO memorable for us!
We've decided to have you back for our 60th!!
Lorraine Yannone