It’s now the aftermath of my Bio events and as sore and as tired as I am, I’m floating on air because of how spectacular all the entertainment was! 

The entertainment at tonight's event has been the best I’ve ever seen in all my years with BIO and the president of BIO told me that the entertainment from this event has set the bar at its highest ever – he said that he can’t imagine me ever being able to top what he saw tonight”

I wanted to let you know that I truly truly appreciate all your help in pulling this event off.
I have to say that from the first day I contacted each of you – through to the event end – I never felt that I would be let down.

Then, actually getting to see you all perform and go above and beyond at the event, was the icing on the cake.


I sent “panic” emails to you several times and every time that we spoke you assured me you had it all in order… I was hoping you weren’t kidding me…and YOU DEFINITELY WERE NOT!  PCS is so incredibly talented musically (I’d pay to see PCS play), I found it hard to leave the main stage area because I couldn’t take my eyes off you all.  Your music is awesome enough but then tied in with the charisma and energy and sweet daddy attire & killer band stands… it took things over the top! I can’t tell you how accommodating all your guys were – especially the drummer –  during the setup I had him switching positions last minute and he was happy to do whatever was needed. All the guys had a smile on their faces and thanked me for having them.

All and all the high praises that our team received from our client regarding all the entertainment just goes to show the amazing level of talent that I have the honor of working with. I love you all and can’t wait until I get to work with you again..

Thanks again!

Carlette Taylor
Pacific Events